How To Apply

We partner with the Department of Social Services, the Harford County Detention Center, and other agencies for referrals into our program. Application may be made by individuals who will become clients, by a sponsor, a church, or an agency.

To apply, please complete the application. You may download it and send it via mail. The secure online form is coming soon.

Despite the number of beds available, please be encouraged to apply for a space. Due to unpredictable circumstances, you may have a bed sooner than later and we are always ready and eager to help you. You will be able to begin residency much sooner if have already submitted an application and begun the intake process.

Admission Fee: $1000 (includes administrative costs and first three weeks of residency) 
Weekly fee: $150

Once accepted. Installment payments can be made to secure a bed so that when you are ready to enter our program the financial impact is lessened.

Credit cards are accepted. Program fees for one woman may be paid by multiple persons by selecting sponsor, and with your donation indicating the woman to be sponsored.