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In the valley of death, I walk alone with God above me leading the way. With him in my life I follow His path and depend on His guidance to make the right choice in life, because there’s always choices to be made day to day, night to night. No matter what you go through in life always look to your higher power and keep faith in your life ‘cause those are the only two things that will help you to succeed and keep you strong through everything. Sometimes you will have to make changes to better your life, when your whole life you’ve been used to making your own rules, used to liv’in your life on your terms instead of life on God’s terms. Each day is gonna be a struggle, but there is light at the end of the tunnel weather that is one year from now or 5 years, or to the end of your existence. Because after life on earth there is life in a better, more welcoming place called heaven. You may not believe now but when your life becomes so unmanageable that you feel it is worth dyeing you will turn to God and find a way of believing that there has to be a better way than our own way. Things will get lighter on your soul. The weight will be lifted of our soul and happiness and joy will fill that void in your heart that nothing else as never been able to fulfill. Thing in life are not meant to be understood all the time and sometimes they will never be understood which will leave you feeling even more lost.

But until these voids are fulfilled within don't let go and never stop moving forward to your life long goal. You are and always will be a child of GOD!